Chuck Norris Fact / Joke No. 5657

Chuck Norris fact / joke 5657 by ILLUMINATI 666 on 2012-03-12
When i take hits from the bong i fart a big fart and it smells really nice, i'm like Gotti, im mad hotti, only difference is i'm Illuminati. Like a boss fucking Rick Ross and when l come down your throat l come the Atlantic fucking Ocean bitch!!! Damn i'm like mad od high my nigga, cracka if you white, or even a ching chank or a spick! Lol Spick is pick with a s or a s with a pick ah i got you niggas on a leash! Jea. I got to say Chuck Norris to enter my bullshit. BYE FAGGOT! Oh im mad lonely so i wanna chat some more oh wait in a half an hour is WWE Raw and i wanna grab some chicken mcbites from McDonalds alright later bitches!
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